Corporate Management
The AIRCORP/TerraFix Inc. management team is comprised of dedicated professionals, who compose a uniquely qualified team with many years of experience. Its staff and consultants excel in their fields and have wide experience and knowledge in the fields of hazardous waste disposal and treatment, with special emphasis on the remediation of PCB contaminated fluids and chlorinated solvents and the treatment of contaminated soils, sludges and sediments.

AIRCORP provides transportable treatment technologies for environmental remediation and soil conditioning.

AIRCORP’s versatile process equipment allows materials to be blended or amended with a wide range of materials. Nutrients, moisture and other materials can be added to create engineered topsoils or structural materials. Chemical and biological agents can be added to contaminated soils to eliminate hazards and toxic materials. The equipment can also be combined with screening and grinding equipment to recover, remove, or pulverize debris prior to treatment. Because of the mobility of the equipment, treated materials are generated at the point of use or generation, allowing significant savings over traditional approaches. Keeping the processes and materials on-site also reduces or eliminates Owner liabilities.
The staff of AIRCORP has over 100 years of experience in the environmental field, as well as waste management, recycling technologies, regulatory affairs and resource recovery.

The AIRCORP staff possesses specialized expertise in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computer software and hardware development, as well as light and heavy manufacturing and fabrication experience.

Additionally, the AIRCORP staff has been awarded numerous domestic and international patents, trademarks, copy rights, governmental approvals and governmental certifications in their related individual disciplines.
Dale Hinkens
Chief Executive Officer / President Chairman of the Board
Mr. Hinkens has founded, built and operated businesses that develop intellectual property, solve problems, and provide creative solutions to market opportunities.

The businesses that he founded have all incorporated innovative technologies, including: laser and water jet cutting systems, robotic cranes and 3D animation, and automated environmental remediation equipment. Mr. Hinkens is applying his business development skills to AIRCORP, driving the company and its subsidiaries towards becoming the environmental name brand in soil and oil remediation services.
Dr. Carol H. Byington
Director of Marketing / Director
Dr. Byington is an environmental scientist with over 30 years of experience. Her experience includes site assessments, site investigations and remediation.

She has conducted numerous environmental assessments and has provided project management and health and safety oversight on several federal, state and industrial remediation and abatement projects. Dr. Byington's experience includes directing both the technical and resource management aspects of projects.
Martin L. Milas
Chief Financial Officer / Director
Marty Milas has provided financial and accounting services to Companies throughout the United States for over 20 Years. His specific field of expertise is in guiding mid sized companies through their financial challenges as well as providing consulting for their support staff to address in house requirements.
Lawrence I. Washor
Legal Securities Advisor
Mr. Washor is a graduate of New York University School of Law, and has practiced for over 30 years.

His areas of expertise include complex business transactions involving SEC matters, mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and issuances, purchase and sales of businesses, securities regulatory matters, and general business issues.
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