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Remediation of Hazardous and Toxic Materials
AIRCORP’s equipment is effective on virtually any hazard that can be eliminated through chemical or biological processes.

The MTU milling process maximizes the contact of treatment agents with contaminants, increasing the rate and effectiveness of the treatment process. Processes that might take days, weeks, or months using conventional approaches can be shortened to hours or days.

AIRCORP’s TTU is capable of handling debris-laden, inconsistent wastes that cannot be treated in-situ. The process thoroughly blends the contaminated materials with the treatment reagents after removing the debris and any ferrous materials. All processing and addition rates are computer controlled assuring consistency and safety.

Remedial Applications:
* Foundries / smelters * Steel mills * Scrap / dismantling yards * Ship and rail yards * Firing ranges * Landfills * Extraction / recovery operations * Machining / fabrication operations * Transportation facilities * Fuel facilities * Tank farms

Treatable Waste Streams:
* Heavy Metals * Hydrocarbons * PCBs * Fuels * Oils * Chlorinated Solvents
Soil Blending
The AIRCORP equipment can be used to change the consistency as well as the nutrient value of soils. Marginal soils can be turned into high-quality topsoils or top dressings perfect for the stimulation of plant growth. Soils can be amended onsite to create excellent structural materials, eliminating the need for borrow materials.

Products include:
* Compactable soils * Structural building materials * Erosion control materials * Pond/lake linings * Customized soil blends * Golf course top dressings * Sports field top dressings * Feed-lot surfacing * Landscaping materials * Top soils * Planting mixes

Advantages of TerraFix’s soil blending approach include:
* Mobility * Onsite capability * Versatility * Cost effectiveness * Material uniformity
Industrial Services
AIRCORP’s Industrial Services division can successfully provide the full suite of industrial cleaning services including Waste Management, Building Maintenance, High Pressure Water Blasting, Vacuum Loading, Pipeline Inspection Cleaning and Repair, Refractory Services and Protective Coatings.

AIRCORP can package all these services into a ‘one-source’ facilities management solution. Our focus is to provide superior client support through highly trained and dedicated staff who work efficiently and safely to deliver outstanding results.

Utilising our entire service capability, AIRCORP Environmental Services can devise a program of maintenance and waste services to ensure that our industrial clients keep their business and industrial sites running at optimum capacity with limited downtime.

Our Portfolio of Services:
Facilities Management - A recognised leader in Industrial Services, with the resources to handle every detail of operational management, AIRCORP Environmental Services are the Facilities Management Experts.

Industrial Cleaning – AIRCORP Environmental Services have the resources and skills to engineer tailored and efficient Industrial Cleaning Solutions, from technologically advanced equipment through to solvents,

Refractory Management- AIRCORP Environmental Services offers complete Refractory Management incorporating Material Selection, Pre-Planning, Stock Management, Procurement, Installation, Technical Support and Condition Monitoring.

Waste and Resource Management- AIRCORP offers complete solutions for the collection and disposal of all Industrial Waste including Hazardous Waste and Bulk Construction and Industrial Waste. AIRCORP offers complete solutions for the control and management of onsite and offsite waste.

Protective Coating-: Providing custom engineered solutions, AIRCORP, the Protective Coatings Specialists, ensure that the most efficient and effective method is used to restore and protect your plant and equipment well into the future
Commercial Services
AIRCORP Environmental Services believes in turning waste into a resource. With over 100 years in the Waste Industry, AIRCORP can provide the full spectrum of waste and resource recovery services, including complete facilities management, within the Commercial Sector.

AIRCORP approaches each Commercial client with the intent to provide them with a vast range of options for waste collection, waste recycling and waste processing with the final outcome developed around the key waste requirements of each individual clients operations and desired strategic outcomes.

As part of AIRCORP’s Commercial Waste and Recycling Services, we offer suitable solutions for the following Commercial Services:

Commercial Waste and Recycling - AIRCORP is an established industry leader in the provision of holistic waste management solutions for the Commercial Sector. As part of AIRCORP’s approach to Commercial Waste and Recycling services is the assessment of each clients needs, in order to provide the most suitable and efficient solution for the collection, removal and processing or recycling of all waste streams.

Protective Coatings - Providing custom engineered solutions, AIRCORP, the Protective Coatings Specialists, ensure that the most efficient and effective method is used to restore your plant equipment to peak performance.

Event Services - AIRCORP can provide strategic and workable solutions for all your Event Services needs. AIRCORP will provide pre, during and post event facilities to handle the waste and recycling impact of large crowds on any venue.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning - AIRCORP Environmental Services utilises a vast range of drain and sewer cleaning technologies, providing specialised solutions for all Industrial and Commercial Clients.

Facilities Management - A recognised leader in Commercial Facilties Management, with the resources to handle every detail of operations, AIRCORP Environmental Services is the Facilities Management Experts. Our solutions include Commercial Waste and Recycling, Liquid Waste - Collection and Treatment as well as cleaning and all Building Maintenance.
Residential Services
AIRCORP Environmental Service supplies a range of residential waste and recycling collection services to many local governments and councils throughout United States of America.

The waste collected is comprised of general household putrescible waste, green waste, recyclable material such as paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic, plus waste from council clean-up days. Purpose-built vehicles, pioneered by AIRCORP Environmental Service for kerbside crate based recycling collections, have greatly improved the collection, sorting and recycling process for domestic waste.

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