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Transportable Treatment Unit
AIRCORP’s Transportable Treatment Unit, or TTU, is a computer-controlled pug mill process that begins when contaminated wastes are fed on to a grizzly by a front-end loader. Screened materials are moved past a magnetic head pulley where ferrous materials are removed.

The materials are then conveyed into a 100-ton per hour pug mill where dry and liquid reagents can be injected in proportional rates to accomplish treatment objectives. The speed and processing angle of the pug mill are adjustable to allow the processing of a wide variety of materials. The system is ideal for inconsistent, debris-laden matrices that cannot be treated in-situ. Safety of on-site personnel is increased by the ability to operate the processor-controlled system remotely. Through the computer system, project personnel and the Owner can monitor the progress of the treatment from the comfort of their offices. Please click below for more information.

Mobile Treatment Unit
The AIRCORP Mobile Treatment Units, or MTUs, are mobile, compact systems that can process up to 200 tons per hour. Loaded materials are screened to remove large debris and are then conveyed into a mill at a regulated rate.

The mill shreds the materials into uniform, small particles. The soils can be amended through the addition of dry materials as well as liquid reagents that are then thoroughly blended with the soils and moisture during the milling process. The soils leave the system fully aerated.
Transportable Mizing Unit
Amendments that have been spread over the area to be treated or amended are thoroughly mixed by the equipment’s roto-mixing box as it travels over the area. Areas that have been set-aside for land farming or bio-remediation can be periodically “turned-over” or tilled with the equipment.

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